Professional and specialized VOIP services for better communication

Are you still dependent on the conventional analog business phone systems for domestic and international calls?

You need to know about our highly efficient and cost-effective internet or on premise based VoIP systems where you can make calls and save lot of money. It is pretty obvious that any business will need enormous amount of incoming and outgoing calls leading to the high monthly phone bills. We are here to help you manage your voice communication expenditure. Our VoIP systems let you receive calls as well as call nationally and internationally at a fixed monthly fee where there are no calling limits as long as you are facilitated with a reliable internet connection. No need to rely on old fashioned analog phones. MJS Global has a great opportunity for the startup and established businesses to utilize a stable, reliable, and flexible communication channels available nationally and internationally, at the affordable price, while allowing all the company employees to communicate no matter where they work. No more STD, ISDN and all the extra charges are needed to be paid. All you need to pay is a nominal monthly VoIP system fee and get connected to the global markets and businesses instantly.

Highlights of the service

Our VoIP services not only arrive with just a internet based advanced calling system but also with the promise to deliver 100% satisfactory performance and money saving features. Our VoIP systems are specially designed to meet the advanced calling needs of big industries and cut the cost hugely and impressively. Our VoIP system and service is completely customer oriented and dedicated. We fulfill the entire major phone calling requirements of a company way more than conventional analog phone systems and also in a better way. The primary highlights of our services are:

  • Replacing the conventional and old analog business phone system with VoIP systems
  • Nominal monthly fee provides complete hardware, service, and support solution
  • Efficient and advanced on-site maintenance and support in Atlanta
  • High performance assurance of VoIP systems
  • Reliable, highly customizable, and cost-effective calling system
  • Easy to operate
  • Exclusive array of features not available in analog phone systems

Why go with MJS Global?

The growing national and international voice calling demands of a big company can only be matched by paying lots of money while using analog conventional phones. Our VoIP systems support efficiently to call anywhere, anybody at anytime freely and unlimitedly by paying a reasonable monthly rental. We do not make compromises with our service qualities. We are a team of skilled and qualified IT professionals who have designed a very cost-cutting voice calling systems which have so far received positive feedbacks and reviews only. Our systems are based on cutting-edge technology and advanced features. Our devices only require a fast and stable internet connection for efficient results. A customer can anticipate a cheap, reliable and money saving voice calling facility while ordering the advanced VoIP systems from MJS Global.


Contact the Atlanta Voice-over-IP experts at MJS Global now and start saving with VoIP.